VOC CHUM™ – Portable VOC Monitor

VOC CHUM™ – Portable VOC Monitor

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Introducing our portable VOC monitor – VOC-CHUM™. Our portable VOC monitor is the ideal solution for safety applications and industrial hygiene. The VOC-CHUM™ utilises IGD’s world leading 10.6 EV PID lamps; for enhanced detection of over 300 Volatile Organic Compounds.

Thus, providing you with a fast and accurate detection of volatile organic compounds. Our portable VOC monitor provides a total volatile organic compound reading, with a clear 1.7” display and audible, visual and motion alarms. This ensures alarm information is in a clear to understand format.

Our portable VOC monitor is suitable for non-ATEX applications.

The VOC CHUM™ utilises USB re-chargeable lithium ion batteries, providing the monitor with both long life operation time and faster charging, reducing monitor downtime.

The small format and ergonomic design makes our VOC CHUM™ comfortable and unobtrusive to wear.

  • Product Type:
    Single Gas Detector
  • Range:
    0-200ppm Range
  • Product Code: