TOC 750B Standalone Gas Detector

TOC 750B Standalone Gas Detector

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Many plant rooms utilise boiler control units or Building Management Systems (BMS) to control the boiler. Our 750B standalone gas detector can be connected to these third-party devices to provide gas alarms and shut off to the boilers/solenoids or initiate ventilation via the relays upon gas alarm activation. Further to this the 750B standalone gas detector series can also be connected to site wide fire systems or third-party controllers, as they are able to run at 12-24V DC, providing a gas alarm signal to control panels via the relay outputs

The 750B standalone gas detector is provided in the following formats depending on the customer requirements:

TOC-750B– Standalone detector with several relay outputs

TOC-750BAV – Standalone gas detector with built in audible visual alarm and relay output.

TOC-750BR– Standalone detector with remote beacon sounder (pre-connected with 5M cable) and relay output.

The 750B standalone gas detector series are supplied pre-calibrated to the target gas and both the CO and Flam have a 5 year lifetime, which is above the industry standard.

The detectors feature our industry leading replaceable sensors fronts. When the sensor becomes end of life all that is required is a replacement sensor front and bump test after installation.

  • Gas Type:
    FLAM: 0-100%LEL
  • Product Type:
    Standalone Safe Area Gas Detector
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