Portable Oxygen Detector - SENKO

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Key Features Maintainable – reduced monitor downtime, environmentally friendly and unlimited operational lifetime. Compact and light weight Audible, visual and vibration alarms. Approved: ATEX/IECEx and IS. Sensor Range: 0-30%VOL range for personal protection.

Configurable alarms Alarm and data log – downloadable via pc software 24 month warranty Long life sensor technology 3-5 years. Traceable calibration and service from IGD. Backlit display Live gas readings Simple user interface, reducing training time

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The SGT-P portable oxygen detector is the ideal solution for oxygen depletion and enrichment applications. The device is light weight and compact with an ergonomic design, making it an ideal personal detection device. The SGT-P portable oxygen detector is a maintainable device with replaceable batteries, reducing monitor downtime and environmentally friendly. Thus delivering an unlimited operational lifetime for personal oxygen detection.

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